D i s c o g r a p h y



- "Piano Quasi Solo"




- "Io ci sono" collection dedicated to Giorgio Gaber the tenth anniversary of his death, disc made ​​by 50 artists of international importance such as Patti Smith.


- "Sonno Eliso" by Edmondo Romano, Felmay.


- "Tango che ho visto ballare" by Claudia Pastorino production Elegantia Doctrinae.




- Artistic director, arranger and composer CD Roberta Alloisio (Viarengo Award) "Janua" for the CNI (Compagnia new Indye) with whom he won the Premio Tenco 2011 and the prize of National City Loano for traditional music as the best album of 2011.




- "Virginia" of Birkin Tree for Felmay Records. Arrangements handled by Daniele Caronna and Fabio Vernizzi.


- "The March of the Shadow" by Claudio Pozzani. Music by Fabio Vernizzi. INDIE distribution IRD.




- "Pause" Napo. Produced and distributed by A Buttega from Muxica.


- "Lassù nell'Oregon" by Claudio De Angeli. INDIE.




- Guest CD "White Spirit" of "Duda", commissioned by Remo, Ufip, Vic Firth, Aramini.




- Registration in the studios of "Abbey Road" (with "Reunion") of "Sometime in Abbey Road" by "Beatlesiani d'Italia Associati" commissioned by UNICEF.


- Registration with the "Reunion" of "Live in Portofino" produced and distributed by BMA recordas.




- Guest CD "Good Suerte" by Toby Lightman, Armando Corsi, Marco Fadda and Mario Arcari. Manufactured by Nicolosi Production.


- Guest CD "Oro e Blu" with Antonella Serà, Mario Arcari, Hellas Bandini, Armando courses. Distribution IRD


- Registration of "Maya" for Splasc (h) Records, songs composed, played and arranged by Fabio Vernizzi, this record gets Jazzlighthouhe Prize for best album of 2004 Ligurian artist.


- Registration as a first part of the cd LIVE: "You'll see You'll see" with '"Orchestra Sinfonica di Sanremo" Italian song.




- Guest CD Filippo Gambetta "Pria Goaea" with Beppe Gambetta, Oliver Shroer, Sandra Wong, produced and distributed by Felmay Record.


- Recording the song "Passaggio 1" of A. Nicolini, inserted in the soundtrack of the film on the G8 in Genoa "Un mondo diverso è possibile" directed by "Mario Monicelli", "Ettore Scola" and other 31 directors.




- Registration of "Musiche di confine" with "Baroque and blue ensemble".




- Guest on the album "Axis Mundi" by Giorgio Grossi, produced and distributed by Artesuono Records. 




Arranger and keyboardist disk "Hic Sunt Leones" Giorgio Grossi, produced and distributed by Artesuono Records.




Old Mill/I.R.D. Distribution



Splas(h)/I.R.D. Distribution